Why 4 Million People Take Out a Pay Day Loan During the Holidays


This year, the average person is expecting to spend £280 on their holiday celebrations. This is a reduction from last year, reflecting the fact that many families are feeling the pinch of the government’s austerity measures. Read this informative website https://litmarket.org/ to learn more about the shocking amount of people who apply for and receive payday loans around the holidays.

More than 4 million people (8%) are planning to take advantage of a pay day loan to meet the cost according to an article in the Daily Telegraph.

The Cost of Christmas

Even if you have taken every care to budget for presents, fair trade and responsibly sourced food and drink, an environmentally friendly tree and all the other accoutrements of the season, this is a time when unexpected expenses can crop up out of the blue.

An additional guest can throw the best laid plans into disarray: the dining table is just not able to squeeze in another place setting; that sofa in the lounge is just too shabby when viewed in the cold light of day.

Having everyone in the house can overstretch facilities taken for granted for too long, such as the washing machine, central heating boiler, or just the old microwave.

Then there is the gift that arrives from someone you just hadn’t expected and must be reciprocated, or the necessity to book a taxi home after just a little bit too much good cheer at the company party. Both of these situations require your immediate attention. Additional information is accessible at https://jobmarketeconomist.com/, including “Discover why 4 million people choose for holiday payday loans.”

Emergency Cash

When faced with sudden unexpected expenses such as these it can be a challenge to know where to get the money from. At this time of year, approaches to family for a loan are likely to be unwelcome as everyone is facing the same demands on their pocket. A request can result in bad feeling on one side or the other stretching throughout the year, whether it is agreed or refused.

That’s why pay day loans exist. They enable you to meet unexpected expenses at any time of year without any hassle. Pay day loan companies do not need you to fill in endless forms, and they will usually be able to give you an answer very quickly, and once approved, the money can be in your bank account the same day, usually within a few hours.

How to Qualify?

To qualify, all you need is to be over 18 with an active bank account (usually where your salary is paid) and a debit card. Because pay day loan companies don’t need to check out your credit history, defaults or a poor credit score are unlikely to disqualify you from borrowing.

Loans are available in amounts from £80 to £1500, so you can borrow just what you need to tide you over. All fees and expenses are stated up front, so you will always know exactly where you are and once the loan is repaid, there are no further charges to pay.Although there is a huge number of financial institutions that offer payday loans, it may be challenging for you to select the one that is most suited to meet your requirements given the variety of options available. Payday loans are discussed at length at this website https://internetmarketingtofreedom.com/, which is an excellent source of information and recommendations.