Proper SEO A Money Commitment


Developing A SEO Program

When it comes to developing an SEO program, website authors have some options. You can try to do it by yourself using free products online, you can use SEO software, seek out advice from an SEO consultant, or outsource all the work to an SEO company. Learn how to develop an effective SEO program with the website expert guide

What many developers don’t understand is, to do SEO well, you have to make some form of monetary commitment.  If you are like many developers money is a concern.. Well, you are spending your time. And we all know, time is money. Time dedicated to SEO is time spent away from something else and that is the cost that is associated.

This is not a new concept but it needs to be understood from the start. Your SEO is never free, no matter what SEO program option you choose. You are either going to be spending money directly or indirectly because time has a value.

So, if SEO costs money how much money is needed? For many of us, that depends on many factors. If you are a small business trying to compete locally or a large corporation, the time needed for SEO often depends on the size of your website and your how competitive your niche is. A small website that doesn’t have many local competitors in the niche can invest less than a large corporation with a website of over 100 pages that is trying to compete nationally.

If you have a large site only spending $200 a month to hire a  supposedly SEO expert you are not going to get much. Investing such a low amount for a large site often results in bad SEO. You will get what you pay for, which will be inadequate work that is most likely outsourced to a foreign country and may even be black hat and which could get your site penalized. You’d be better of spending that $200 somewhere else. Maybe on quality content or even banner ads.

If you are like a large majority and decide that you are going to spend some of your own time and do SEO yourself, you need to realize that a good SEO program is a long-term strategy that needs to be ongoing. Spending a few hours here or there when you have the time to spare means that more than likely things will never really get done or done well. Your SEO results will depend on the effort you put in to it. Cutting back on SEO efforts will result in a slow but steady decline in traffic which will lead to a decline in sales or conversions. You can with the website for some information on developing an SEO program.

So as you can see SEO requires an investment. If you aren’t willing to make a investment in the best seo tools and software, your site will never amount to what it should. If you are in a competitive niche, you will never find SEO success without it.

Remember SEO includes both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The problem is if your on-page SEO is not up to par it will effect your off-page SEO. If you plan on having more than one site seriously look a software such as SEOPressor. If money is tight then spend your money on a tool for building quality backlinks. Visit to learn more about quality backlinks.