6 Ideas to Help Keep Chemicals Away from Your Newborn

Newborn baby

Expectant parents are always seeking advice on how to care for their children. From prenatal to after birth, we all want what is best for our children and learn as much as we can to make sure they have the best chance possible of good health.

In fact, now more than ever, parents are concerned with toxins that are in the air, bedding, and foods that can be harmful to our children. This is because there is so much more information on what is in products, as well as what doesn’t have to be.

One area of concern is the nursery. Babies, especially newborns, spend a large portion of their day sleeping, which means a lot of time in the nursery. So, if your home is not already eco-friendly or green, the nursery is a wonderful place to start. If it is, then you can still read further to see if perhaps there is something you are not thinking about in creating your baby’s haven. Click the website https://lpqueen.com/ which provides you with tips and information on how to keep chemicals away from your newborn and create a safe and healthy environment for them.

The Floor has It

By ‘it’, I am referring not just to toxins in the processed fibers of carpets, but also all the allergens that are often trapped by them. Sure, you can vacuum, but it won’t pick up everything.

So, you might want to consider replacing any carpet that is in there and put down a hard surface, such as bamboo. To add a little softness to the floor, lay down an organic and washable throw rug or two. These are far easier to clean, as you can throw them in the wash.

Bath Time

There is nothing quite like the scent of a freshly bathed baby. I remember spending lots of time snuggling with my son after baths, creating an imprint in my internal memory book. In fact, I can smell him now, just thinking about it.

However, many of these shampoos and lotions have chemicals in them that are not the best for our children. So, it’s best to find bath products that are natural, and organically developed to prevent unnecessary chemicals from touching the baby.

In Wash

Just as bath products can be laden with chemicals, so can laundry detergents and softeners. But, we need to launder a baby’s clothing and bedding…a lot, actually. Between spit-ups and over-filled diapers, daily laundering just for the baby is nothing unusual.

Fortunately, you can easily find a green laundry detergent, and likely, and conveniently, right on your local store’s shelf. If not, it’s worth shopping online for a few things.

Snug as a Bug

All of the bedding, from the mattress to the sheets, can be found in organic form, which will eliminate your baby from resting their head on and breathing in chemicals that can be harmful to them. Again, they are in a state of slumber for the majority of the day when they first come home.
Even after they are awake for longer periods of time, natural bedding is important to maintaining a natural and healthy environment. Find out on the website https://theencarta.com/ how to provide a natural and environmentally friendly environment for your newborn. Get strategies and advice for keeping your baby happy and healthy!

In the Mouths of Babes

Babies are notorious for putting things in their mouths. That’s a scary thought when you consider that many items are infused with chemicals during their creation. It’s not just about locking the cabinet where you store your cleaning products.

However, you can find organic and natural for just about anything these days. Here are just a few samples:

  • Pacifiers
  • Toothpaste
  • Food
  • Teething Rings

Placing items in their mouth, whether intentional or not, is a stage that lasts a long time. So, take a look around to see what you can do to keep these items constructed with chemicals out of their mouth.

Time for a Change

I realize that disposable diapers are incredibly convenient, but they definitely don’t fall under the organic and eco-friendly banner. Many of disposable diapers are filled with more than just what your baby leaves behind. They are filled with chemicals that are used within them for the purpose of absorbing moisture and odor.

Cloth diapers have not gone away after all these years, and the reason is that they are far better for the environment, as well as your child. They just aren’t convenient. However, if you don’t want to deal with laundering them yourself, there are companies that will pick up the soiled diapers and return them to you fully clean and ready to use again.

Just make sure to ask what detergents a company uses before signing up for their service.

In Closing

Keeping chemicals away from your baby has never been easier. There are far more selections for various items that are free of chemicals. In fact, just take a look at your local grocer’s shelves to see that these sections are growing. For more details on taking care of your babies’ tips and tricks browse the website https://storywheel.cc/